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Please read the instructions and use the glasses properly. Parents should read it carefully for their children's' usage.



Lenses will break when hit by a strong impact. When playing high impact sports or if hit by a hard ball, the broken lenses may cause damage to the eyes or face, and could lead to vision loss. If there's risk that the lenses will break, please wear protective equipment over your glasses.

Avoid using tinted lenses in dark places. Visibility is reduced due to insufficient light.

Please do not look directly at the sun even if you're wearing tinted lenses. It may cause vision loss or severe injuries to your eyes.

There is a two week adjustment period for any new prescription glasses. Do not switch back and forth between old and new glasses - this will make the adjustment time longer.

If you are a first time Progressive or bifocal wearer, it will take time to adjust and it will limit your depth perception. Be careful going up and down the stairs and places with height differences.

If you experience any itchiness or rash on areas where the frame touches the skin, please stop wearing the glasses and consult with your doctor or dermatologist.

When putting on the frames, you may accidentally hit your eyes. Please open the temples and put the glasses on slowly.

Please remove your glasses when you shower or swim.

The glasses will break if you force the temples open too wide.

Through wear and tear, the frame may experience some cracks, breakage, or discoloration.

The end pieces of the frame and screws can be very sharp. Please do not wear them while sleeping or taking care of small children.

Please do not wear your glasses in places with extreme temperatures such as hot saunas or inside an industrial refrigerator. The lenses may change shape, cause distortion, or fall out of the frame.

Please do not leave your glasses out in direct sunlight. This may cause damage to the lens and frame.

Elastic frames are durable and do not break easily but please do not bend or twist it intentionally. It may cause frame distortion.

The nylon string may break in extreme heat or hit by strong impact.

The lens and frame will change shape or peel if you leave it out on the windshield of your car in extreme heat.

Please do not adjust the frame yourself.

Any tampering with our products, such as use of glue, will void the warranty.



If your glasses get dirty, please clean it with water and use a soft cloth to dry it.

Please take your glasses off with two hands holding the temples to avoid the frames getting loose.

When you clean the lenses, hold the rim of the lenses and wipe gently to avoid frame distortion or lens breakage.

Put the glasses facing up if you are putting them down on the table.

Put your glasses in the case if you are not wearing them.

Please do not use detergent with alkali to clean your glasses.

Please do not use paint thinner to clean your glasses. This will cause frame discoloration.

If any of the following conditions apply, please stop by EYESTYLE for an adjustment at no charge.
- You are having issues with the nose pads
- Your glasses are not fitting properly
- The screws are loose



If you have any questions or concerns about this maintenance guide, please contact us.

This manual was made for customer safety. Please contact us at the store if you have any concerns, suggestions, or feedback.

We may change the content of this manual without giving prior notice.

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